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How do I start cooking at Square Kitchen?

Submit an application at APPLY HERE.  While we review your application (24-48hrs) please decide which services you will need (hourly or monthly).  We will contact you directly and meet with you to sign an agreement, provide you with our Policy & Procedures Manual, you will pay a deposit and we will provide you with the commissary agreement subject to kitchen availability. Once we have all paperwork in place, you will be enabled to book our kitchen online.

Why is there a two hour minimum?

We stress the two hour minimum to ensure that all kitchen users reserve 15-30 minutes to clean and sanitize tables, equipment, clean floor area, and to put away own dishes and utensils before leaving their station. That way, the next kitchen station user can start on time on a clean space. Leave the cooking area as clean or cleaner than you found it. 

Can I rent cooking space for a few hours a day, even if I'm not a caterer?

If you need a commercial sized kitchen for cooking/prepping a meal for a private dinner or for an event for your friends and family, you are able to book the kitchen at the Prime Time hourly rate and will have to abide by the Square Kitchen Policy and Procedures Manual. A deposit may apply. Please email us at for questions and to make arrangements. 

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